I am a lifelong bibliophile, and cinefile. I appreciate a good gin and tonic and love Middle Eastern food which is pretty great, since that's where I live. For many years, I wrote for the Huffington Post and I have also written for Script Magazine, Moment Magazine and The Times of Israel, among many others.
I am a developmental and substantive editor so I'm lucky to be immersed in stories every day. A devoted lap swimmer, I also love to knit. I am from California but now live in Tel Aviv. I've been working on a memoir about making the move from Hollywood to Israel called They Do Things Differently Here but got waylaid by a much more important book project, The True Adventures of Gidon Lev.

A few favorite writers are: Janet Frame, Virginia Woolf, Anne Lamott, Richard Yates, Yossi Klein Halevi, Etgar Keret, Bill Bryson, Sayed Kashua, Ann Patchett, Yuval Noah Harari, Mark McConnell, Malcolm Gladwell - and - well, I could go on and on. Follow me on GoodReads
For speaking engagements or discussions about my books, please email me. I love to correspond and will answer you happily. To check my availability for developmental editing, click here

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