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Available as a paperback or ebook from Amazon, The Book Depository,  Kobo, Google Books and Barnes & Nobles. To request a copy through your local bookstore, simply request the title. ISBN: 978-1-7352497-0-4. For a free sample of the first four chapters, click here. 
The True Adventures of Gidon Lev

Of the approximately 15,000 children imprisoned in the Nazi concentration camp of Térézin (Theresienstadt ) near Prague, less than 100 survived. Gidon Lev is one of those children. 

The True Adventures of Gidon Lev offers a primer on Jewish and Israeli history, insights into the culture of the modern state of Israel, and the inspiration to carry on after hardship and loss.

From Prague to New York to California and back to Israel again, Gidon Lev and Julie Gray take us on a journey into the depths and back up into the sunshine of hope, love, laughter, and possibilities.


Weaving Gidon’s invaluable memories together with the cultural and historical backstory of time and place, Julie Gray invites readers inside the process of mining memories for truths and history for lessons.

Available as a paperback or ebook from Amazon and The Book Depository.  To request a copy through you local bookstore, simply request the title. ASIN:  B0864VN86N
Just Effing Entertain Me

A cheeky, fun and instructive book about the world of Hollywood's dreaded story analysts and what they look for in both scripts and manuscripts.


With detailed examples of story arcs, "world building" character descriptions and how to test, then outline a unique, compelling narrative, Just Effing is a valuable tool for screenwriters, fiction and creative nonfiction writers alike. 

From Kirkus Reviews: "Gray does counsel writers to keep an eye on the zeitgeist but also to work hard on perfecting basic elements of plot, character, tone, dialogue, and tension—all of which she addresses in chapters in a highly modular format with lots of headings and lists as well as writing exercises and end-of-chapter reviews. The book...has a highly conversational tone."

...a work in progress! 
They Do Things Differently Here​:
An amusing memoir about hilarious mistakes like moving from Los Angeles to the Middle East.

When I moved from Hollywood to Tel Aviv in 2012, my friends, family, and colleagues were stunned. But to me, after everything I had been through in Los Angeles, the Middle East sounded just fine.

What I have discovered, after eight years, two wars and an intifada is that you can’t outrun grief, that you really can adapt to a much more perilous life, and that it’s a really great idea to be able to speak the language before making such a move.

I discovered a lot of uncomfortable truths about being human, about being an American, and about what gives my life meaning. I did not learn any of this by way of actual wisdom or healing. I learned these things by making the biggest mistake of my life and learning to love it.

In a major plot twist, the America I left behind eight years ago has completely transformed in my absence. I know longer recognize my country. But - is it my country anymore? 

They Do Things Differently Here is not a story of triumph over adversity expat smugness, delicious foods and exotic sea breezes. Rather, it's about what happens when everything breaks so you bolt and move abroad, but then the whole world breaks and the absurdity of life becomes your constant companion. It’s a funny story. Mostly.

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