• Julie Gray

Fun Exercise: Review Your Own Book!

I was working on my book the other day, and really feeling lost and overwhelmed. It a non-fiction book, a memoir - sort of, of the Malcolm Gladwell ilk, about national and personal identity. I have been writing like crazy but I keep doubting my direction. So just for fun, I thought - what would I like a review of this book to read? What would be this great review on the back of the book? Well, my first idea was: Best book ever written! And then after I got done laughing, I thought no, seriously, what do I want the experience of this book to be? So as an exercise, I wrote a review. I won't share the whole thing here but I was amazed by how helpful that was to me! Give it a try!

If you are writing a contemporary literary fiction book with themes of say, loyalty and the pursuit of happiness (just throwing things out there) your review might be something like:

"...a riveting read that examines a marriage in transition is a passionate take on the age old question of how we define love, past, present and future. Written straight from the heart, with gripping detail and emotion, The Odd Marriage is a book that I could not put down."

Now, I just made that up, but what would your ideal review say? It can be fun, yes, and uplifting to write a pretend review, but it can also help you articulate what, exactly, you really want your reader to take away from the book, what you want them to experience.

Give it a try!

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