• Julie Gray

Writers Need Balance

Writers write. We all know that. Ye olde recipe of "butt in chair" still holds true. I know from experience how hard it is to find that time these days, too. When do we write? Early morning, late at night, or do we set one whole day a week as our writing day? What if that day the muse just doesn't show up? Then what? If you're like me, you just sit there and feel twice as bad - because your writing either isn't flowing or isn't flowing well, or you've also seemingly wasted a day, or an evening. Ugh!

The kids, the housework, the laundry the shopping the life the life the oh no not enough tiiiiime!!

Oh wait. Maybe it's just me. Nah, I know we all go through this. Writers are the worst procrastinators and time managers.

But here's something uplifting to think about. Being a writer mean writing, yes, and turning out pages and chapters and stories. And yes we need to try to create and maintain a routine. True, true.

But there are actually other parts of being a writer. Like reading good books. And reading about writing. And watching good films. We might even attend a writer's group or event and learn and catch up with other writers at the same time. Imagine that!

Make sure that you include in your writer's life, time to do other things related to writing. If you are planning to self-publish, there's a whole lot you can learn and that you need to learn about that process. You might also read book reviews and see what's going on in the literary world. There's more to being a writer than simply writing. A whole lot.

So next time you have a writing day, evening or afternoon that isn't working out. After you really give it a go, perhaps you can open up a page of resources for writers and find inspiration or information that is also part of your overall journey as a writer!

Here is a resource site that I thought was really great, and I also offer a long list of resources on my site. If you aren't a member of The Fabulists, on Facebook, please consider joining and you can find a lot of good information there.

Writers write, it's true. But we also have to not only be our own business managers, agents and teachers but we need to live our lives well so that we have the perspective and the energy needed to write!