• Julie Gray

Boing! You Lost Me.

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Have you ever read a book or a passage in a book and something stops you cold?


You think, hey, that didn't make sense, or that's not spelled properly, or that sounded funny or awkward! You just got bounced out of the story.

My job is to catch those moments ahead of time for you, the writer, so that your reader never gets "bounced" out of your story. That's right. You could call me a Bounce Preventer.

When a reader gets bounced out of a story because something clanked when it should have clinked, or a bit of logic didn't make sense, or any other number of reasons, now that reader has to take just a second and re-engage with your writing.

This happens quite naturally in real life when we are reading a book, right? The phone rings, the cat jumps up, the kids interrupt. That's all normal and not preventable. But the last thing a writer wants to do is to bounce a reader out of that story when it didn't need to happen.

This is why proofreaders and story editors are so important. We look for and catch those moments so you, the writer, can correct them in order to keep your reader as engaged as possible with your story.

Don't you want to make sure your reader just has to read another page or another chapter before he or she starts cooking dinner or goes to sleep? That's what I want, as your editor, on your behalf! Give nary an excuse for a reader to be bounced out of your writing.