• Julie Gray

The Eye of the Tiger

The Writer's Lament

Books are so enjoyable to read, they seem to just write themselves, don't they? But people who don't write have no idea what we go through. If we can find the time, we can't find the confidence, if we can find the confidence, we can't find the time and in any case, we get exhausted of the whole thing.

Who sits, isolated, hour after hour, at a computer keyboard, pecking out the letters to form words, to form sentences and paragraphs of a story that we aren't sure anyone will ever read?

I often think that the reason I'm a darn good editor is that I love stories and I love writers. But it's also because I am a writer and I 100% get the frustration and sometimes outright despair that we can feel. It seems as if we toil away, hour after stolen hour, having no idea if what we are writing is good - or if anyone will ever read it.

The world needs our stories - especially right now, with so much uncertainty in the world politically and economically. Everybody needs the soothing comfort of curling up with a cup of tea and disappearing into another world. Sure, it's hard being a writer. But we also know that until we get this book out of our system, it's just going to stay there!

You are not alone, there are tens of thousands of writers and artists who feel just as you do - that what you are doing is lonely and can feel futile. It isn't. Don't do it the hard way - reach out and connect!

Reach out

Recently, I read a really fun YA/Sci-Fi book by Gene Doucette called The Spaceship Next Door. It's a light read and definitely not my usual Saul Bellow or Tolstoy, but it is such a fun story and so well told, that it transported me away from my day to day worries and responsibilities. So much so that I wrote Gene a fan email and thanked him. After some time, Gene and I became pen pals and I just finished editing his newest book (available June 20th, 2017) Unfiction. Gene is such a fun writer, I love the way his brain works and he even gave me some feedback on the memoir I'm working on, called They Do Things Differently Here, about moving from Hollywood to the Middle East.

You might be very surprised what happens when you read out to a writer you like and strike up a conversation. First of all, pay it forward and thank writers for the stories they tell - you might be on the receiving end of an email like that yourself one day! Secondly, you might be surprised by the connection you create.

Connect to Other Writers

First, join us on Facebook at The Fabulists, an online magazine for writers of every stripe, with humor, articles of interest and the very popular weekly six-word story game.

There are many other Facebook groups for writers with hundreds and sometimes thousands of members and lively conversations:

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Be sure to drop me a line, I might be able to answer a question or two and some encouragement! My email address is hello at juliegray.info or you can just click here.