What Does it Cost to Self-Publish?


Absolutely nothing. But your book will disappear without a sound. Or a reader. 


In actuality, to self (or indie) publish your book, you should budget between $8,000 and $10,000.




I know that sounds like a crazy number but I'll spell it out for you and what you'll be getting for your money. This is what I spent on my own book, The True Adventures of Gidon Lev.


It's important t remember that these costs come in stages over time and the higher costs, like editing, are almost always billed in installments. So take a deep breath. Better to be prepared and informed than broadsided by these realities. You must ensure that your book is also available as an ebook. 


For substantive and copy editing (also known as proofreading) the cost depends on the word count and, to some degree, on the level of your writing and the genre of the book. So let's use a nice, round word count here of 100K words for those costs, but the other costs are independent of the length of your book. 



Basics & Resources

Where to Get Reader Reviews


Where to set up an Author Page and do Book-Giveaways:


Is it Possible to Get These Costs Down? 


You might be able to get deals, here and there. The adage "you get what you pay for" very much comes into play but it could be the case that you know a GREAT cover artist and can get a good deal, or a trade, even. Never say never. But editorial costs, beta read reports, etc. are generally in the cost ballpark as above. 


Can You Walk Me All the Way Through the Editorial Piece of This Process? 


Yes. I not only complete the substantive (or developmental) edit, but I will then connect you first, to beta readers that I trust and who deliver professional reports and then to copy editor/proofreaders who are available, affordable and recommended.